f254d111dd55a24da70efedbbb644dd5_biggerElwira is currently the business development executive at Foodora, Honk Kong, one of the rocket internet companies. Previously she has been a model and worked with agencies like IMG-Paris, SPP-Poland and Frame Model Management with extensive assignments at Milan, Paris and Hong Kong.  Academically brilliant and sharp, she finished her masters in visual communication at University of  Wroclaw. An avid reader and a hobbyist  writer she has rich interests in branding and marketing. Elwira is exploring the role of non-technical elements to view things. You can follow her @Elwy_Sk.


2cc16faVijay is currently an ASIC Design Engineer at LSI and in free time mostly follows Physics and Mathematics. His technical research projects are listed at Riyaaz.  Has thick interests in soccer, art, design and architecture. You can follow him @Eulerianial

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