perspective It is at a distance where you see the right perspective. 

It is said that no structure stands well if you didn’t set the right foundation for it and thus we had a similar brainstorming to decide what is that we are going to build here. So let us begin by sharing the fundamental thought behind this project as said by Sergey Bin [Co Founder – Google]: The most part of the technology in our life is to simplify the computations around us.

In the book “The Goal,” E. M. Goldratt highlighted that there are phenomenons which are beyond theorems and scientific logic and require a different skill set to deal with. To put it explicitly, think about it, can we have a machine which can train a horse and make it run a race the way you want? Can we make a machine which will train you equivalent to a great musician, to a great shooter or a great leader. Think about it, can we make a machine which will let a employer know whether employees love him or not? Such computations cannot be systematized but yes they consume lot of our computational energy so to say the decision making process. Well it cannot be underestimated that technology doesn’t help in arriving at decisions but there is a limit after which it has no answer.

We observed that action in totality is sum total of many individual thoughts which in isolation may not stand for an action. This observation provided us the needed momentum to start building a vocal platform allowing people to have multi view to a situation and thus we conceptualized Criss-o-cross as an attempt to cross pollinate ideas from varied fields.

In this project, our aim is very simplistic to reverse engineer the myriad of dynamic events to unearth those details which otherwise may not seem useful, of course with staying away from any polarization of right & wrong . It is to view things from different angels so as to elevate our Perspective!

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