Managing Expectations

brainIsn’t it everyone needs a personal assistant today given the amount of information consumption per person? Social networking through various mediums has increased our sphere of individuality other than our own definition of ourselves. Everyday we have marked emails to read later, Facebook likes to check, latest tweets to follow, to look at our tagged photos and seeking opportunities to expand our professional and personal network. These engagements which start as fun time networking activity slowly starts taking a toll on one’s personal life. With time, life brings priorities and sense of importance for our own dreams and then it becomes difficult to maintain and manage expectations of all those who we invited in our life. On other side we wouldn’t like to strip them away.

But yes everyday we spend sometime or lot of time analyzing who to reply, who not to reply, who to connect, who to chat, who to ignore, who to make you see and much more……. everyday we battle with managing expectations for us not to be seen as rude, blunt or as psychologically ill being. We battle for people not to make notions about us.

But what we observed is that one of the ways to mellow down people stretching you in directions is to endure those notions. Let those be in air for sometime. We need to deal with people getting snarky about us. We need to learn the art of DISAPPOINTING others. A theme which recently was flashed by Twitter marketing evangelist Claire Diaz Ortiz at: Tell the truth, even when you disappoint.

Further to add, what we also embarked upon is to realize that too much on our shoulders is not only because others are not able to understand but also to some level our lack of understanding and realization about ourselves. Given the scores of ways around, for one to be able to reach us, it is very pertinent to define as what we would like to hear and what we will not like. We noticed that playing open ended for allowing anyone or any kind of person in our life will definitely outnumber our ability to be able to cope with emotional diversity. Thus it is in our interest to clearly define the boundaries. We need to outline our professional/personal and our intimate self.

We need to stand on, for what people can contact or write to us as “Feel free to contact me any time for anything,” or “Like to meet new people in life philosophy,” has its limitations for you losing your own credibility slowly.

After going through interviews and views from many successful people, here is what we collated as a checklist:

  • Create a little about me section and talk about yourself so that people know your type.
  • Set the tone clearly as what you like/dislike and your attitude for new explorations.
  • Clearly maintain your professional and personal segments.
  • Define an overall vision of your life as what you are aiming to achieve. It needn’t be fixed as it will evolve with time but having a sense of direction is important.
  • Learn to say No, even if people will feel bad.

In the end, remember life is beautiful and has its secrets. We can’t plan everything. So when things go complex, take a pause, sit calmly for a while, revolve your thoughts around and so far you know you are aiming good for all, few sacrifices can be made. What matters in the end is that we stay awake with compassion in heart and sleep with peace in mind.


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